Absolution & Mercy Ink and charcoal on paper, A4, 2020 A series of three portraits reflecting on religion and faith.
    Portfolio of portraits and fine art photography from 2020 and 2021. After a near decade long break from photography, it has been more than a year of multiple photoshoots both in digital and analog. Mostly concentrating on dark portraits depicting both the model’s and the photographer’s true self. It is a study of how it … Read more
    Ruttu-ukko series Ink on paper, A5, 2020 Surreal portraits of everyday life inspired by quarantine time in the spring of 2020. They are a combination of free flowing watery ink and tight outlines emphasizing wrinkles, blemishes, form.
    October selfportraits (selected) Drawings on paper, A4, 2020 A series of selfportraits done every day of October 2020 using varying techniques and mediums.
    Silence Mixed media, 2019-2020 A series combining elements of photography, pencil drawings on paper and digital art – a depiction of silenced voices.